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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions


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Here are some solutions to common technical issues people experience on the site



Having problems completing forms, viewing images, or accessing the Calendar of Events?

1) Internet Explorer Compatibility

Problem - This can result in a variety of issues/errors (such as the homepage image slides not showing, issues with the Calendar of Events, errors completing forms, etc).

Solution - Use the I.E. Compatibility feature. Learn how here:

IE Compatibility Button


2) Browser Outdated

Problem - This can result in a variety of issues/errors (from specific features not working, like completing forms, to the entire website not accessible).

Solution - Click the compatibility mode in your browser (see Internet Explorer example above). If that doesn't work you will may need to update your browser and/or add-ons. See links below:

    3) Network Security Restrictions

    Problem - You get an error when completing forms (this is the most common issue, but Network Security Restrictions can cause other accessibility issues also).

    Solution - Try to complete the form on a computer outside of your workplace (ie. a home computer). If you still have issues check the issues mentioned above or contact us for help if problems persist.


    Need a Receipt?

    Problem - Need a copy of a receipt or invoice?

    Solution - Members always have access to their receipts in their member profile:

    • Go to Membership >Manage Your Membership >View Your Transactions (... or use this direct link:
    • NOTE - It defaults to "open” (unpaid) transactions, but you can view any transaction by using the drop-down menu.
    • Choose "processed" from the drop-down menu. If you don't see the transaction you are looking for, choose "shipped/closed" or another category from the drop-down menu.


    Renew your FSHP membership online.


    Need to retrieve your C.E. statements? 

    1. You will receive emails from FSHP when your credits have been verified.
    2. Go to - In the upper right hand corner of the Home page, Sign in (Log in)     
    3. Follow the steps as seen in Screen Shot #1 below - Go to the Membership tab  >  Manage Your Membership  >  View Your C.E. Journal.
    4. Screen Shot #2 shows you your Professional Development Page that will contain all credits that have been issued by FSHP since February 2014. From this page, you can view and/or print your statements individually, or just print a transcript that will contain all courses listed on that page.

    Screen Shot #1
    CE Screenshot #1


    Screen Shot #2

    CE Screenshot #2


    You can also print official ACPE statements of credit from CPE Monitor.

    How to use FSHP Online Communities? 

    You have 2 options to learn about FSHP Online Communities

    • View our How-To Videos to learn how to use FSHP Online Communities


    I'm not receiving email updates from FSHP. What do I do?

    There are a few reasons you may not be getting our emails...

    Problem - An incorrect email address on your FSHP member profile.
    Solution - Log-in to your FSHP account and update your email address.

    Problem - Your workplace's email filters are stopping our emails.
    Solution - Contact IT at your workplace to investigate and ask them to "white list" our emails (; or change the email address on your FSHP member account to a personal email address (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

    Problem - Your personal email filters are filtering our emails.
    Solution - If it is spam/junk filters, "white list" our emails (; if it is other filters (like Gmails Social & Promotions tabs) adjust the filters to make sure our messages are getting to your inbox.


    How do I set my Regional Society Affiliation?

    You must be a member of a Regional Society in order to receive notifications of the Regional Society's events. Membership to a Regional Society is included with your FSHP membership, but you have to indicate on your profile which Regional Society you wish to be a member. Here are the steps to select your Regional Society...

    1) Log-in to your FSHP account

    2) If you are taken to the Manage Profile page, click on "Edit Bio"
    Note: you can also access this from the top menu under Membership > Manage Your Membership > Edit Your Profile

    3) Scroll down on this page until you see "Regional Society Affiliation" and select your Regional of choice from the drop-down menu

    4) Check the "I Accept the Terms of Use" (after reading the Terms of Use of course), and click "Save Changes"


    How do I set up my Joint account with my spouse?

    With Joint accounts, each person still has their own account. The "master" account holder will have a "Joint" member type. The "sub-account" will be a "Joint (Spouse)" member type. The only thing linking the 2 accounts is the expiration date. Everything else is separate (including login info).

    When setting up your Joint account, the master account will be fully created first. Then the sub-account ("Joint (Spouse)" account) can be created under the the Joint account.

    NOTE - If the person with the sub-account already has a member account in our system, FSHP staff will need to link their account to the "master" Joint account.


    Here are the steps to setup a Joint account...


    1) First, create your master account, the Joint account

    If you already have a FSHP member account, you can just select the Joint membership option when you renew your account.

    If you are creating your account for the first time, just select the Joint membership option during registration.

    2) Fully complete creating your Joint account (master account) first, including payment of the membership fee


    3) Next...

    • If your spouse already has an existing member account with FSHP, let us know who your spouse is and we can set that account as a sub-account to your Joint account.

    • If your spouse does not have a existing member account with FSHP, you can go to the "Sub-Account" section of your profile and either add them from there or send them a URL link to create their own sub-account under your Joint account. 


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