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FSHP 53rd Annual Meeting Handouts
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Friday, August 2, 2019


Program Planners: Kelly Owens/Hoda Masmouie

8:00-9:00am 1.0 hour (GCE)

Future of Pharmacy in the Healthcare Setting 


Pharmacy Legal and Regulatory Track

Program Planners: Hoda Masmouei and Farima Fakheri Raof

9:05-10:05am 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

Law Update


10:05-10:15am Break


10:15-12:15pm 2.0 hours (GCE/CRC)  

Controlled Substances:  

(Part 1) 10:15-11:15am

Pharmacists: An Essential DEA Partner in Preventing Prescription Drug Misuse, Diversion and Fraud


(Part 2) 11:15am-12:15pm

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Use Disorder  


Emergency Medicine Track

Program Planners: Katie Kamataris and Jeremy Lund

2:30-3:30pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

One Pill Can Kill: Highlighting Pediatric Ingestions


3:30-4:30pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

Shedding Light on the MATter: Emergency Department Management of Opioid Withdrawal  


4:30-4:45pm Break


4:45-5:45pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

Pharmaceutical Interventions in the Trauma Bay: More than Analgesics  


Internal Medicine Track

Program Planners: Jennifer Mourafetis and Scott King

2:30-3:30pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

Oh Sugar! Diabetic Emergencies Continuum – Admission to Discharge


3:30-4:30pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

Treatment Resistant Depression  


4:30-4:45pm Break


4:45-5:45pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

Common Drug-Induced Diseases: Doing More Harm than Good


Fundamental Principles Track  

Program Planners: Melissa Ruble and Kirsten Parker

2:30-3:30pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Join the Club! Engaging Learners to Apply Principles of Biostatistics and Research Design to Deliver Effective Journal Clubs  


3:30-4:30pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Books to Bedside: Integrating Pharmacy Extenders into Pharmacy Practice  


4:30-4:45pm Break


4:45-5:45pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Preventing BURNOUT and Practicing RESILIENCY for Both Seasoned and New Practitioners


Ambulatory Care Workshop

2:30-3:30pm 1.0 hour (GCE)  

Ambulatory Care Services: How to Start Them and Get Paid  Part 2


4:05-5:45pm 1.5 hour (GCE)  (includes Break 4:30-4:45pm)

Ambulatory Care Roundtable:

  • Metrics to evaluate success in the ambulatory care setting (Moderator: Joy Wright)
  • Billing Opportunities (Moderators: Kristen Morse/Julia Nickerson-Troy)
  • Annual Wellness Visits (Moderator: Amy Henneman)
  • Population Health (Moderators: Sara Eltaki/Kaylie Smith)
  • Transitions of Care (Moderator: Lauren Verbosky)
  • Collaborative Practice (Moderator: Karen Sando)


Saturday, August 3, 2019


Ready, Set, Go! Achieving Continued Readiness in the IV Room

7:00-8:00am 1.0 hour (GCE)  

Conducting a Gap Analysis for your Cleanroom and the Steps Towards USP Compliance  


Critical Care Track

Program Planners: Xi Liu-DeRyke and Nalisha Minor

8:15-9:15am 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

To PADIS and BEYOND: Updates and Integration


9:15-10:15am 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Critical Illness Related Corticosteroid Insufficiency: Something Old, Something New


10:15-10:30am Break


10:30-11:30pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Management of Alcohol Withdrawal in Critically Ill Patients


Ambulatory Care Track

Program Planners: Kevin Cowart and Cher Enderby

8:15-9:15am 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)

Opportunities for the Ambulatory Care Pharmacist in HIV, Hematology/Oncology, and Transplant


9:15-10:15am 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Implementing and Sustaining a Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Clinical Pharmacy Service  


10:15-10:30am Break


10:30-11:30pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)

Updates in the Management of Hyperlipidemia 2018: Guideline on the Management of Blood Cholesterol


Leadership and Administration Track

Program Planners: Barry Bleidt and Brittany Herring

8:15-9:15am 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

Development of Your Career Up Administrative Ladder: Future to Midlevel Leaders


9:15-10:15am 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

Communicating the Value and Outcomes of the Pharmacy Enterprise to the C-Suite  


10:15-10:30am Break


10:30-11:30pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

Planning for Retirement – Nonfinancial Considerations


Infectious Diseases Track  

Program Planners: John Allen and Stephanie Brown

2:00-3:00pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

A Systematic Approach to Formulary Management of Novel Antibacterial Agents for the Management of MDROs  


3:00-4:00pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Navigating the Continuum of Chronic Disease Management in HIV Patients  


4:00-4:15pm Break


4:15-5:15pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Can We Do Better: Antibiotic Dose Optimization in the Hospitalized Patient  


Pain Management Track

Program Planners: Gary Levin and Irene Arias

2:00-3:00pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Post Surgical Pain Management


3:00-4:00pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Updates on Regulatory Guidelines and Pain Management Standards


4:00-4:15pm Break


4:15-5:15pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)

Pain Management in Sickle Cell Anemia


Transitions of Care Track

Program Planners: Sara Eltaki and Jacqueline King

2:00-3:00pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Patient Transition Across Inpatient Care Setting: Panel Discussion  


3:00-4:00pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)     

Technologies Facilitating Transitions of Care  


4:00-4:15pm Break


4:15-5:15pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)     

Transitions of Care Best Practices for High-Risk Patients


Technician Track

Program Planners: Zach Walker and Sandra Barnes

8:15-9:15am 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

What is my Patient Taking in that “Green” bottle? A Look at Natural/Complementary Medicine in Oncology


9:15-10:15am 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

Understanding Insulin Therapy  


10:15-10:30am Break


10:30-11:30pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

Emerging Leaders: Advanced Roles for Pharmacy Technicians  

1:00-2:00pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC/Tech)  

Antidotes and Anecdotes: Reversal Agents in Emergency Medicine


Sunday, August 4, 2019


7:00-9:00am 2.0 hour (GCE)  

Medication Safety – The Influence of Informatics and Drug Shortages on Changing the Landscape of Medication Errors

Program Planner: Nicole Reardon and Luis Alfonso


9:00-9:15am Officer/Board Installations/President’s Address


Hot Topics in Pharmacy Track

Program Planners: Lori Fiallo and Jennifer Hanify

9:15-10:15am 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)

Balancing the Budget: Keeping Costs Low and Quality High in an Era of Increasing Drug Prices 


10:15-10:30am Break


10:30-11:30am 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Collaborative Practice Agreements That Pharmacy is Missing Out  


11:30am-12:30pm 1.0 hour (GCE/CRC)  

Best Practice Showcase

Implementation of a Comprehensive Pain Stewardship Program  

Best Practice Showcase

Billing for Pharmacy Cognitive Services in the Inpatient Setting




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